Halladay Engineering



Looking to the Future

Halladay Engineering is an internet consultancy project specializing in engineering consulting and technology studies.  The latter is delivered in a number of ways here:  audiovisual content like podcasts, interviews and videos; up-to-the-moment explanation and following of the latest tech trends; shared experiences courtesy of decades' worth of experience; and much, much more. 

In the media section you will find a comprehensive collection of Dr. Henry Halladay's audiovisual experiences following a 40-year career at Boeing.  This website is designed as a "one-stop shop" for those who share an interest in technology and tech-related topics of many different kinds.  Through his efforts, Dr. Halladay hopes to bring together passionate tech enthusiasts from all over, in order to assemble an online community dedicated to learning and discovery.  He is especially excited to impart his knowledge and teachings in the form of his new, serial podcast venture, Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Review with Henry Halladay.

This highly informative program will be appearing in the tech blog section of this website, debuting in March, 2019.  Dr. Halladay has indicated in an upcoming press release that this podcast will focus heavily on the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and countless topics therein.  This broad subject will allow Dr. Halladay to properly tackle a number of issues while delivering a smooth, professional and well produced show.

Widely recognized as an expert in many, many fields, Henry Halladay welcomes e-mail communications in order to assist people with technological problems, issues and so forth.  If your questions or comments are really good, he just might acknowledge you during his show!