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Henry Halladay keeps the tech education going with Episode Three. This special, nearly double-length episode doesn't waste a single minute with its exploration into Internet of Things across industry. Your dedicated host tackles 5G, IoT in the manufacturing industry and healthcare field, and how all of this relates to life in 2019... and beyond.


In this second installment, Dr. Henry Halladay discusses transportation tech and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Watch, listen and learn as the show evolves this time around into a work of true depth, wisdom and heart.  This is the episode everybody will be talking about tomorrow. 


Halladay Engineering is proud to present episode one of its new serial podcast series, "Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update & Review with Henry Halladay."  In this program, our founder, Dr. Henry Halladay, discusses  many different issues of technology today.  He has opted for a unique, visual presentation which turns this online radio show into a visual experience as well.  Dr. Halladay encourages your feedback here.

The Podcast Series


The Wait Is Over

Henry Halladay will be hosting his own serial podcast program called Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update & Review with Henry Halladay throughout the entire calendar year of 2019.  It is a quarterly program whose four episodes will feature a general focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of devices such as vehicles, and home appliances that contain electronics, software, actuators, and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data.

Dr. Halladay's new broadcasting endeavor couldn't come at a more opportune time.  The world is constantly changing, and Henry Halladay keeps up with everything he can.  His knowledge, theories, opinions and studies will be regularly shared with his audience, which he hopes will grow in leaps and bounds during the podcast's initial run.  

Some topics which may come up:  home security, robotics, automation, tech interaction with humans, integrated workplace and home technology, and perhaps even the growing fear of an Orwellian Nineteen Eighty-Four type situation in our not-too-distant future.  Please look & listen to episode one featured directly above.