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Halladay Engineering is the proud home of the acclaimed "Learn Learn Learn" podcast documentary series featuring Henry Halladay, Ph.D., PE. Whenever you see the show's iconic logo (above) you'll know you're getting official Halladay Engineering content.

Did you know?  The "Learn Learn Learn" program's logo is a Boeing E3A AWACS aircraft whose ROTODOME is stylized to resemble the eye of an eagle. This represents many things, but above all it captures the watchful eye Dr. Halladay keeps on technology and its advancements at all times

Learn Learn Learn: Episode THREE

Henry Halladay keeps the tech education going with Episode Three. This special, nearly double-length episode doesn't waste a single minute with its exploration into Internet of Things across industry. Your dedicated host tackles 5G, IoT in the manufacturing industry and healthcare field, and how all of this relates to life in 2019... and beyond.



Halladay Engineering Website Shatters Its Own Record... Again!

The numbers are in and it's official:  HalladayEngineering.com has hit a new record!  Between May and June of 2019 this website enjoyed its biggest influx of users ever.  At nearly 15,000 visitors in a 30-day period, Halladay Engineering is most definitely making people all over the world take notice.  Between the debut of the "Learn Learn Learn" serial program and the widespread pick-up of their most recent mainstream media news release, Halladay Engineering is putting out some serious product - with lots more to come.  The people have spoken! 


In this second installment, Dr. Henry Halladay discusses transportation tech and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Watch, listen and learn as the show evolves this time around into a work of true depth, wisdom and heart.  This is the episode everybody will be talking about tomorrow. 


Halladay Engineering is proud to present episode one of its new serial podcast series, "Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update & Review with Henry Halladay."  In this program, our founder, Dr. Henry Halladay, discusses  many different issues of technology today.  He has opted for a unique, visual presentation which turns this online radio show into a visual experience as well.  Dr. Halladay encourages your feedback here.


Learn, Learn, Learn

Halladay Engineering is an independent engineering consulting firm owned and operated by Dr. Henry Halladay, who served Boeing proudly for many,  many decades. His education and professional credentials are second to none, which fills all of his clients with confidence. Never one to fall behind the times, Dr. Halladay has kept extremely busy during his retirement years by staying up to date on all the trends of late. Dr. Halladay formed Halladay Engineering not only to provide a consultancy for those in need, but also to create a veritable symposium of like-minded individuals to research, discuss and perhaps change the modern technological world.


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"Learn Learn Learn" Podcast Makes Great Waves!

Today, March 15, 2019, marks the official debut of Halladay Engineering's serial podcast program, "Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update & Review with Henry Halladay."  Within hours, the program had enjoyed widespread, mainstream media coverage by the likes of CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX affiliates nationwide. See for yourself



Podcast Series Announced, Coming March 2019!

Halladay Engineering is proud to announce the new online radio series, Learn Learn Learn: A Technology Update with Henry Halladay in 2019. 


Halladay Engineering News Article Coming Soon.

Dr. Henry Halladay himself will be the subject of an upcoming press release, which promises great detail on a special upcoming announcement.


Welcome to HalladayEngineering.com!

December, 2018 marks the official launch of this informative and exciting new website.  We hope you'll stick around and "learn, learn, learn" with us.  To mark this wonderful occasion our company and its founder will be featured on eleven billboards in Times Square, New York City (see below).  We hope to make an equally big splash with you, our guests and participants. 


Halladay Engineering's Advertising Debut

On December 28, 2018, Halladay Engineering saw its founder, Henry Halladay, promoted alongside his excellent brand in Times Square, New York City:  The Crossroads of the World.

Maximum Coverage

Halladay Media was featured on no less than eleven billboards covering two sides and one corner of the iconic skyscraper located at 3 Times Square, New York, NY.  This is known as the Thomson Reuters building.

Multimedia Hub

Click the action button below to see the full range of Times Square images and video from December 28, 2018. 

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